About Department

“Physiotherapists assess, plan and implement rehabilitative programs that improve or restore human motor functions, maximize movement ability, relieve pain syndromes, and treat or prevent physical challenges associated with injuries, diseases and other impairments. They apply a broad range of physical therapies and techniques such as movement, ultrasound, heating, laser and other techniques. They may develop and implement programmes for screening and prevention of common physical ailments and disorders”

Types of Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy
Female health
Geriatric Physiotherapy
Neurological Physiotherapy
Cardiorespiratory/pulmonary/vascular physiotherapy
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Vestibular rehabilitation
Rehabilitation and pain management
Sports physiotherapy

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Pankaj Das (PT) is a Physiotherapist at Swargdew Siu-Ka-Pha Multispecialty Hospital and has done his post-graduation from “The oxford college of Physiotherapy”, Bangalore in 2012. After Post Graduation he was working with Dr Levine memorial hospital and vikram hospital Bangalore and then he have joined “Sports Authority of India”, Guwahati as a Sports Physiotherapist. His areas of expertise are:

  • Musculo-skeletal and sports injuries rehabilitation.
  • Integrated Manipulative Techniques & Manual Therapy for lumbar and thoracic dysfunction
  • Maitland Technique – Lumbar and Cervical Spine
  • Pain management and Manual Therapy
  • Vertigo & Balance Rehab
  • Neurology and Neurosurgical rehabilitation.
He is:
  • Certified Manual Therapist
  • Certified acupuncturist and Dry needling Therapist
  • Certified NDT and SI
  • Attended sports rehab course affiliated by American Council on Exercise (ACE) USA
  • Member of PhysioTimes Magazine
  • Member of AAPA

Dr Pankaj Das