About Department

The orthopaedic department in siu-ka-pha hospital aims at treatment of orthopaedic problems with utmost dedication and patient satisfaction. We offer diagnostic and therapeutic services for the management of disorders of bones, joints and associated structures. The department has a fully equipped operation theatre, intensive care unit for pre and postoperative care. The state-of-the-art operation theatre is equipped with laminar air flow system with latest fracture table and imaging facilities including C-arm image intensifier. The department is supported by a radiological suite with X-ray and imaging facilities. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are available to restore the health and functional abilities of people after spinal cord disorders and injuries, amputation, joint replacement, sports injuries, fractures and ligament injuries We have established trauma protocols for the care of the critically injured patients for the prompt and effective treatment of accident victims Other Surgical procedures like trauma and fracture surgeries, Amputation, Arthroplasty, Repair of torn ligaments and tendons, Minimally invasive surgery, External fixation application Other facilities include Intra articular injections like Corticosteroid injections into joints, tendons, and ligaments, Hyaluronic acid injection to help relieve arthritis pain Management of arthritis and other pain management Treatment of osteomyelitis

Doctor's Profile

Dr Deepak Kumar has done his post-graduation from Vinayaka Mission Medical College, Puducherry in 2014. After Post Graduation he was working in Delhi, then he joined Down Town Hospital, Guwahati, Assam as a DNB resident. He has worked in ESIC Model Hospital, Beltola, Guwahati for 3 years & has experience in handling all kind of Traumatic & non traumatic cases.

Dr. Deepak kumar ( D.Ortho )