Every organization and every individual comes across opportunities to contribute at every stage of life; the amount of contribution depends on how we leverage on the strengths of individuals & organization and show courage. Visit to Sibsagar, Assam on the invitation of socially compassionate people, has helped us understand that part of our country and the need of the people there. The need, difficulties and paucity of basic healthcare needs helped us expand our sense of dutifulness and are compelling us to push our limits. We wish to provide that slice of treatment & health cover to people of Assam and North East part of our country which they can’t even dream of. If we get this opportunity, we will consider ourselves to be fortunate to serve the fellow human beings. Taking up this project will give another opportunity for us to appeal to the goodness of doctors to serve our country; invite people’s contribution for bigger purpose and bridge the gap between medical needs & facilities.

We commit to provide and Health services to the Excellent, Transparent, and Ever growing Compassionate common man. With through various initiatives, we will forge a Society! Inspiration from Nationalistic, Self-reliant, Strong Cohesive


Dr. Hedgewar Rugnalaya (DHR) is now an epitome of value based, participatory, accessible and quality medical care. Compassion & dutifulness is the foundation of this hospital. It strives to provide service that fosters healthy society & brotherhood. Since 26 years, DHR giving most-modern medical treatment at an affordable cost. It caters to more than 35 lacks population from 11 districts around Aurangabad. Here, majority citizens are from the farming community and belong to the lowermost economic strata. In 1989, when this was started by 7 Doctors with small family borrowings, it only had zeal and commitment. Gradually, society and Government recognized its potential and supported. Of 6 million patients treated, 75% are poor and rural. The founding strength of his hospital is ‘team of specialist Doctors working on subsistent salaries without having greed in mind. This model of hospital is unique because doctors work on fixed salaries than performance or percentage basis. Today, medical Field is facing huge ethical crisis because of this policy. Now, this 300 bed state-of-the-art multi-specialty hospital is more than just another hospital. It is now a social enterprise; enterprise taking initiatives to serve; enterprise finding ways to fulfil its social objectives; enterprise staying as viable business for the larger purpose; enterprise which is managing bottom line efficiently. What we have tried successfully is leveraging on health network to bring social development. Hospital is the nucleus of this trust.

Our Values

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Excellent means better than yesterday! Excellence will be the primary goal in anything we do! In fact, it would be the very identity & image of this organization! Excellence will always be strived in quality, methods, technology, administration, trust and in keeping costs low, in fact every aspect! Excellence for us means constantly broadening our capacities and broadening the scope of excellence itself!

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This institution believes that society is human entity and every human being is its important organ! There are no "others” in the society! Compassion and relationship with the wider society is the foundation of this institution! The institution will always strive to provide service that fosters sense of brotherhood

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Ever Growing

Means the scope of our services will change & expand with time! The institution will always grow in quality and breadth of services offered! Distinguishing features of the institution will be Growth and Development!

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Our society is made of various ingredients based on social and economic criteria. Caste, creed, insensitivity towards others and irresponsible nature has distanced these segments. We will create love, compassion, generosity, Understanding, sense of responsibility and dutifulness in all segments thereby uniting the society.

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Common man

For us, Common man is the one on the lowest rung of knowledge, awareness, rights, education, and strength and direction! By and large, common man means rural poor, destitute of villages displaced to urban slums, slum dwellers, and lower and lower middle strata! Service would be apt and suitable to common man! Services would be focused & adequate to fulfill common man’ sneeds! Truly, the entire orientation would be around common man!

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The integral aspect of transparency is Honesty! Honesty will be the cornerstone of the institution’s service. We will go all-out to be known as an institution that provides service in an honest, virtuous and open manner.

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Self Reliant

Our dream is every segment of this society become self-reliant, by exploring & expanding its capabilities! Through our various service projects (Education, training, economic), we will enhance their capabilities! Strong We will make this society healthy and robust as regards health, capabilities and economy!

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